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Cassandra Videos

Hamlet's Skullduggery ... Cassandra Style
Cassandra Spaces Out

Hamlet's Skullduggery

Cassandra's winning entry in the SpeechTEK Avatar Challenge.

Of course she can talk about anything that can be represented as sturctured data. We thought this was an interesting example of talking about the elements of a play (e.g characters, relationships, events, props, etc.). Given a collection of plays that are digested into that format she could talk about any of them.

Cassandra Spaces Out

Here she talks about the planets and shows how she can deal with table data. Most of what she does is generic manipulation of tabled data. In this case it is a specific table of planet info. She also demonstrates how multimodal and deictic (pointing or saying "How dense is THAT") behavior is integral to the way she thinks and interacts. Remember this is about her Meta approach to tables ... not just planets.